" I find that Ed's system is perfect for anyone that wants to be more than just a survivor in different violent street scenerios that you would read in the paper every day. His system is easy to learn and I'm infintely grateful for the brutal honesty of real world combat that he presents, his hard work ,heart ,years of research and constant testing of street applicable techniques. I've taken so much from Urban Survival Systems and only know how to truly repay Ed by training hard and with passion. His system is constantly evolving and mutating on top of basic concepts and techniques that are easy to execute under duress. That said Ed possesses an unbelievable volume of knowledge of the highly technical aspects of empty hand, ground, and edged weapon combat. He recognizes your progress and will feed and push you as you grow as a modern day warrior, spiritually and physically. Ed's system has given me tools, awareness and concepts that I will keep with me forever, which I can take across any border, and wake up with everyday to protect myself and my loved ones. "

- D.Chow Occupation:Insurance

" As a Provincial Use of Force and Firearms Instructor, I must say that Guro Ed's USS curriculum is top notch. He is well versed in all aspects of the combat arts, from physical to psychological. His blend of stand-up fighting (Non Classical Gung Fu), weaponry (Ikatan Kali) and ground fighting (Sambo) is all seamlessly put together, to create a well balanced fighter. The proof is in the pudding, by watching his students. During the last 5 years I've had the opportunity to work with some of the best trainers in the law enforcement community from around the province. I would like to include Guro Ed into this elite group of men and women. "

- A. Cortes Peace Officer Province of BC

" No nonsense. That is the best way to describe training at USS. I have seen many martial artists over my 20+ years of training, including time spent in California and as an Instructor in the Inosanto system. I have known Ed Wong for about 15 years and have seen him develop from just another practitioner in our class, to an accelerated and skilled martial artist due to his dedication and drive. He is arguably the best-rounded martial artist I know in BC. Be it empty hand, grappling, or weapons range, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who has tested and experimented with more techniques with regards to street applicability than Ed. If you want to learn about culture and history, then study a traditional martial art. If you just want a black belt, then go to McDojo. But remember that a thug doesn’t care what colour your belt is, no matter how much you paid or how long (or short) it took you to get it. And if you’re a street punk looking to become a better brawler, then go elsewhere. Because USS students are still martial artists and are beyond fighting just for the sake of fighting. But if they have to fight for survival, you can be assured that their techniques will work. "

- Brent Matsuda Guro – Inosanto Instructors Association, Los Angeles, California Graduate – Bahala Na Giron escrima, Stockton, California Senior Student" – Ikatan Kali, Vancouver, BC

" I have known Ed since about 1989! I have witnessed him come up through Guro Louie Lindos' system of Ikatan Kali-Silat. In fact, I believe he is only one of 2 or 3 Full instructors under Guro Lindo. Guro Ed has blended Jesse Glovers' "Non-Classical Gung-Fu", Coach Slavins' "Sambo", and Guro Lindos' "Kali-Silat" into a very realistic, no - nonsense and street functional and legally defendable method of self-defense and self - improvement. (No, this is NOT "JKD" Concepts in the sense that he picks a "flavour of the month" or tries to incorporate 12 different arts just to keep it interesting.) Although Guro Ed will look at any martial art to see if it fits in the "U.S.S. Structure", he won't use or teach it unless he has sparred with it full contact or otherwise researched it until he is sure it is functional and learnable in a reasonable period or time. I have lived in Vancouver for 36 years; studied martial arts for about 18 years, and have been a police officer since 1996. After researching just about all the schools in the Lower Mainland, there are good reasons why I study at U.S.S.®: 1) The martial arts chosen really work, especially for defense against weapons, grappling, and multiple attackers. (Weapons defense are against real world weapons such as knives, machetes, and clubs, not tonfas, nunchakus, kama or sais). 2) You can become proficient / functional in a few weeks / months (although it would take years to "master”) 3) Danger avoidance and adrenalin / stress management are taught. The U.S.S. curriculum is self-defense for the "real world'; nothing "sport or tournament" oriented is taught here. 4) The U.S.S.® material is geared towards being "arrest" and lawsuit" resistant; danger avoidance is taught, and then verbal and combat skills are used to STOP the attack, and not being excessive in use of force. 5) Guro Ed gives quality instruction; he truly cares that you can use what you have learned. Classes are hard work, and you will be pushed hard enough to improve, but not be hurt or discouraged. 6) The quality and camaraderie of the school is first class. No students have an "attitude". All students respect each other and encourage each other to grow in the 3 aspects of martial arts: spiritual, mental, and physical. I often have some of the students train in my garage when I miss class due to my rotating shifts. One Friday night a month we go for dinner after class. Studying the U.S.S. arts make me feel much more confident and capable in patrolling the communities in the Lower Mainland. These are skills I have successfully used to do my job. Whether you are a college student, house wife, soldier, or police officer, no other school around has the U.S.S.® blend. "

- A. Chang - Police Constable Lower Mainland

" I had the great pleasure of taking private lessons in Kali from Guro Edward Wong. His skill and knowledge of the martial arts is outstanding, vast and impressive. Most importantly he is a very humble patient instructor. I have trained with some of the best instructors in the world such as Professor Todd Nathanson, Jean Jacques Machado, and Bill Wolfe. I would rank Guro Wong up there with this select group of instructors. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned martial artist I would highly recommend Guro Wong's services. "

- Raz Chan - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Certified Self-Defense Instructor

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