Edward Wong

USS Director & Chief Instructor

Edward Wong's martial arts interest began at an early age of 8 years old in Judo at a local community centre. By fourteen he wanted to find out more about what other martial arts where out there and explored arts like Modern Arnis, Thaiboxing, North American Kickboxing, boxing and Wing Chun. He trained in these arts for about 4 years; the martial art school he attended started to grow and became more sport oriented as opposed to the "old blood and guts” ways:no mats, no belt ranking, no politics..... just blood, sweat and tears. This change prompted Ed to look elsewhere and focus back into "gouging, headbutting, ripping, tearing" kind of systems and styles.

In April 1992, He attended a Mande Muda Pencak Silat seminar hosted by Guro Louie Lindo. One look and his passion ignited again by the devastating movements and lethal applications of the blade demonstrated by Pendekar Herman Suwanda. After some phone calls to Guro Louie Lindo , Ed's journey into the education of the Southeast Asian War Arts begun. He began his study of the Filipino and Indonesian martial arts under the guidance of Guro Lindo for the next 14 years to present. Ed began to travel extensively with Guro Lindo doing seminars and demonstrations. Ed was also Guro Lindo's “brawler” .Guro Louie appointed him to test Ikatan Kali/Silat against other people who wanted to test our group or posed as a challenge to the club when necessary. Through those years Guro Lindo introduced Ed to a variety of instructors like Grandmaster Bobby Taboada, Master Rey Galang, Pendekar Herman Suwanada, Guro Edgar Sulite , Guro Ted Lucay, Guro Leonard Trigg , to name a few. Each person has been a "contributing factor" in his impact and edge weapon syllabus he now teaches. Ed currently holds a Senior Instructor rank in Ikatan Kali/Silat under Guro Louie Lindo.

During those years, the UFC became the next big thing. And the importance of grappling was apparent lead by the "GRACIES". This was especially true when a training partner of Ed's began studying Gracie Jujitsu for 3 months who in a short period of time became very formidable on the ground. This prompted Ed to find a "ground" system that was compatible with the Southeast Asian Arts he was studying at that time.Combat Sambo was the grappling style he was looking for. In 1999, Ed met Coach Vadim Slavin and has been studying Sambo, Judo, and Israeli martial arts with him till present. Coach Vadim is a Master of Sport in Sambo and his teacher was a student of one of the three founders of Sambo. In his competitive years he won 144 Sambo matches .Coach Vadim does small clinics at Ed's club from time to time. Coach Vadim has given Ed permission to teach Sambo and Israeli martial arts.

Between 1999 and 2003, Guro Lindo left Vancouver. He then left his students to Ed. Guro mentioned to Ed that he "didn't have to ride his coattails anymore". Ed then formed his own organization called U.S.S. Which consisted of people in the field of law enforcement, military, security, and street vetted individuals. This organization concentrated on educating people in the reality of street violence. The concepts and principles Ed taught quickly circulated; soon students from different parts of the country came to visit the club. He began doing seminars throughout Canada and abroad.

In 2003, Ed had the opportunity to meet Jesse Glover (Bruce Lee's First Student and Assistant Instructor) through one of his students. Ed credits Jesse for educating him in Non Classical Gung Fu. He feels very fortunate to be accepted in Jesse's inner circle of students. Jesse has been practicing and instructing Non-Classical Gung Fu for the last 40 years and Ed considers him a serious player in Sigung Bruce Lee's material. Jesse Glover has since passed (1935-2012) and USS will still continue Jesse Glover’s legacy along with the many students he has taught all around the world.

Edward is also authorized as a Renegade Kettlebell Specialist under Coach John Davies. According to Ed,”Coach John Davies is a walking encyclopedia on anything regarding fitness,strength training and health.His team of Renegade Trainers are of the highest caliber of fitness professionals!”

One of the most important objectives for Ed is to educate people in the gritty realm of street violence worldwide and to help people grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Of equal importance is to demonstrate respect and loyalty to Guro Louie Lindo, Coach Vadim and Jesse Glover. Ed explains "I owe everything to these men. To this day I feel very fortunate and honored to be their student and friend."

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